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AP Exam Registration 2/10/16

AP Exam Registration begins February 10 - March 4, 2016

Students who are currently taking AP classes must register and pay for their AP Exam(s). The AP Exam fees have been added to the Student Fee Account in Infinite Campus. AP Exam Registration forms and other important information is now available here on the Post Grad website. Online payments through RevTrak are preferred, but cash and credit cards will be accepted in the Post Grad Office, too. (Students who qualify for District Financial Assistance, please see instructions on the Registration form.)

If a student decides not to take one or more of their exams, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Bookkeeper, Ms. Gorham or Mrs. Smith in Post Grad to have the fee removed prior to payment being made. EXAMS WILL NOT BE ORDERED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED AND REGISTRATION FORMS ARE TURNED IN TO MRS. SMITH.


As you can imagine, many of our students do not have dental insurance, or are unable to get to a Medicaid accepting dentist. OHIP (Oral Health Impact Project, comes to the school with their own dentist, sets up, and will see students on site. If students have dental insurance, OHIP will bill the insurance company. OHIP accepts Medicaid, and will see uninsured and undocumented students as well. Their services are free to the students, school, and the district. We are currently taking students for FREE DENTAL SCREENINGS and if you are interested, please complete the attached consent and turn into Lori Trybadetrick at the main office by NOVEMBER 16th. Our school nurse or social worker will then contact you for the time when the dentist will be here.