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New security guard emphasizes safety

Recently, HR gained not only a new staff member but a new security specialist as well: Travis Waits. As a new staff member at Highlands Ranch, Waits gets to experience all of the wonderful perks of being employed at the school while working in a new and different setting. The Chronicle asked Waits a few questions about his time at HR so far: Q: How did you hear about the job opportunity? A: Douglas County made a post about a security position at the school. Q: What were you working as before you took this job? A: I worked as a bus driver for the district for about a year. Q: How has your time been at the school so far? A: It’s been great so far, the students are respectful and it’s a good experience. So far I like everyone. Q: What do you think the most important aspect of your job is? A: The most important aspect of my job is facilitating an environment of safety for all students, staff, and visitors to HRHS. I think the perception of security guards is that they just enforce the rules. That’s part of what we do, but the motive behind that is to ensure a safe presence for all. Q: What is your relationship with the other security guards at the school? A: I have enjoyed the interactions with the other security guards. They are good people, and I’m glad to be part of their team. Q: What was the weirdest thing you’ve seen so far at HR? A: I saw someone urinate on a car boot. Q: What is an interesting fact about yourself? A: I don’t like to run, I hate it actually, so likely I’ll never chase you. But since you can’t outrun a radio, I’m sure we’ll catch up. Co Worker Brandon Davis said Waits was a “good edition to the team”. Waits is not only welcomed by fellow staff members but by students at Highlands Ranch. Stephanie McMahon, junior, said, “He seems like he really cares about the students and is very friendly!”. HR is happy to have Waits as part of our school. Greta Kotova, Staff Reporter

Outdoor Classroom Fundraiser at the ViewHouse


Please join us Sunday at the ViewHouse for brunch to help raise funds for an outdoor classroom at HRHS. When: March 1, 2015 from 10:00am ? 3:00pm Where: ViewHouse Centennial, 7101 S. Clinton St., Centennial, CO What: ViewHouse Centennial offers a regular brunch menu in addition to a fantastic buffet brunch. The buffet is complete with seafood towers, meat carving stations, made-to-order omelets, a waffle bar, sushi, pastries, desserts, fresh cold-pressed juices and more!

HRHS PARCC Testing Clarification Updated 2/24/15


Please click here to view this letter.

HRHS Makes CNN Student News!


Students in Ms. DiGennaro's Content Read/Write English Class got a shout out from the February 19 edition of CNN Student News. Special thank you Sam Wittsell for submitting our name!

2015 Iceland Student Trip


Hey Everybody, Due to the amazing success of our Iceland Field Study over the last two fall breaks, I will be offering this experience for our students again over Fall Break 2015. This time around I am supersizing the trip! I am adding one additional day. This will allow us to experience and explore more of this beautiful country. I put together experiences like this for our students because I truly believe that our students should have the opportunity to experience hands on the science that we teach. Here are some of the other experiences that will be doing: -possible aurora (northern lights) viewing -exploring active volcanoes -hiking around glaciers -geothermal pools -learning more about Icelandic culture We only have 12 spots available for this experience. There already has been a lot of interest in this trip for next year. In order to reserve your spot I will need a $400 deposit, which will be applied to the balance of the trip. The trip is from Oct 10, 2015 to Oct 16, 2015. The total cost of the trip is projected to be about $2600 - $2700. The cost will vary based on transportation. This cost will include everything except spending money and passport fees. It is open to all current HRHS freshman, sophomores and juniors. Feel free to email me with any questions or if you would like to see a sample itinerary. Thanks for your support in such a wonderful experience for our students. Click here to view a video about the Iceland Trip Bob MacArthur Highlands Ranch High School