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Administrative Office Hours: Mon–Thurs: 7:00am–3:30pm Fri: 7:00am–3:30pm Counseling & Post-Grad Center Office Hours: Mon–Thurs: 7:00am–3:30pm Fri: 7:00am–3:30pm Library Media Center Hours: Mon–Thurs: 7:15am–3:45pm Fri: 7:15am–3:30pm

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Address: 9375 S Cresthill Lane, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 Main Office Number: (303) 387-2500 Attendance Office Number: (303) 387-2502 Fax Number: (303) 387-2501

Opened in 1987, Highlands Ranch has a long tradition of academic rigor and student success, including a well-developed AP program along with a strong National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. In addition to academic success, Highlands Ranch is proud to have received several awards in theater, music, DECA, FCCLA, Student Senate, and athletics. We consider Highlands Ranch a school in which a student can reach full potential and are proud of the quality of students that attend classes and participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.
School Spirit

Motto: Soaring For Excellence. Choose Your Altitude. Mission Statement The HRHS community works together to create an environment that empowers every student to lead a successful life. School Colors: Blue, black, and silver Class Colors: Seniors: Black Juniors: Blue Sophomores: Silver Freshmen: White Mascot: Falcon School Song:

Courtesy of HRHS Talons

We're the HRHS Falcons And we soar above the rest! We're the HRHS Falcons And we're nothing but the best! We will strive for pride and glory 'Cause we're silver, black, and blue! We're the fighting, mighty Falcons To our school we will be true!

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Web Coordinator: Nicky DeBolt Original Web Developers: Blake Chesney (Class of 2013) Eric Tucker (Class of 2016) Webmaster(s): Mr. DeBolt's Advanced Web Design class (student based web maintenance)

  • Lead Web Designer: Austin Grandpre
  • Student body web correspondent: Demi Francis
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