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HRHS Fundraising

Student Council has done many different fundraisers to help with the cost of non-student related activities. Current fundraisers, in the process are Mr. Falcon and pinwheeling. All student related costs are covered by prom ticket sales, but things like chaperone costs and any other non-student related fees are paid with the help of fundraisers. Some examples of the events are the Mr. Falcon male pageant fundraiser and the pinwheel fundraiser. These two projects help HR pay fees for all kinds of student activities, like senate and most importantly, prom. The Mr. Falcon fundraiser is an activity for male students to be a part of a model contest. It's like a runway show. There is even a swimsuit edition that is incorporated, said Cole Miller, HR junior on student senate. Every student must have filled out an application as well as signed contract to ensure that everything is age appropriate. The Mr. Falcon competition is a unique way to fundraise, but it keeps getting canceled due to conflicting schedules of sports and other extracurricular activities. Even though Mr. Falcon keeps getting canceled or moved to a different date, HR student council has other plans to earn money. An uncommon fundraiser that the student council does is pinwheeling. It is an activity that happens at night and takes place every three days. Student council will stick small pinwheels in the front yard of someone's home. I think it is cool that Student council is doing that, it is helpful and it seems like a really neat idea to help out our school, said Jo Foery, HR freshman. Then the homeowners have a chance to make a donation and give an address to the next house being pinwheeled. And this goes on every three days; they will be placed, and left for a few days, then council will pick them up and start again. Fundraisers like Mr. Falcon and pinwheeling are two projects that student council has put together to get the students at HR involved. The fundraising activities also helps raise the $1200 dollars HR needs to fundraise.



PARENTS AND STUDENTS - DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE PROCESS? Please plan to attend the NCAA Presentation on Wednesday, April 16 @ 7:00PM in the Commons. Presentation and questions/answers regarding the upcoming changes to NCAA Eligibility requirements.



State ACT for Juniors On Monday, April 14, 2014 it is MANDATORY that all Juniors attend their Advisement class to complete the pre-test portion for the State ACT test. The State ACT test is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23 at 7:45 a.m. Only Juniors will attend school on April 23 to provide a quiet environment for the testing. Students will be dismissed for the rest of the day once testing is completed.